FINAL: ATC Audio: JAL516(A359:JA13XJ) from Sapporo burst into flames at Tokyo Haneda airport. JAN 2nd 2024

FINAL3: ATC Audio: JAL516(A359:JA13XJ) from Sapporo burst into flames at Tokyo airport. JAN 2nd 2024
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FINAL: ATC Audio: JAL516(A359:JA13XJ) from Sapporo burst into flames at Tokyo Haneda airport. JAN 2nd 2024

JAL516 collided with JA722A after touch down. 
Fortunately, All passengers and crews were evacuated safely.
But JCG's best and brightest rescue crews passed away. R.I.P.

Might be the first devastating crash of an Airbus A350.


 Audio source from LiveATC. Recordings start at 0830Z 01/02/2024

Tokyo Int'l airport, Haneda(RJTT/HND) is located capital city of Japan.
  One of the busiest airport in the world.

  JCG:Japan Coast Guard.
    They are going to Niigata Airport  to carry relief supplies for disaster victims suffered from huge earthquakes around Ishikawa Pref. 

  A ‘Miracle’: Plane Erupts in Flames Landing in Tokyo, but All Aboard Survive(The NewYork Times)

 Live Tracking JA516 JA13XJ: Airbus A350-941 S/N:538 Build 2years ago.


JAL516 collided with JA722A after touch down. 

13:08 Tokyo TWR: Wind 320 at 7, We have departure.
            JAL516: JAL516, continue approach 34R.
     → JA516 (Japan Air Airbus A350-941) 

15:00 JAL516: Cleared to land 34R, JAL516.

15:13 Tokyo Twr: A722A(JA722A) Tokyo TWR Good Evening. No.1.
           Taxi to Holding Point C5.
 → JA722A (Japan Coast Guard DHC8-Q300/MA722 "Mizunagi") 

15:55 JAL166: JAL166 Spot21.
15:58 Tokyo TWR: JAL166 Tokyo TWR Good evening. No.2. RWY34R Continue approach.
            Wind 320(degrees)  at 8(kt). We have departure.  Reduce speed to 160(kt).
16:05 JAL166:  Reduce to 160. 34R. JAL166. good evening.

/* Collision */

17:35 JAL131:Tower JAL131, We have fire on the RWY 34R.
           Tokyo TWR: JAL131 Hold on the ground.

18:10 Tokyo TWR: JAL166 Go around.
           JAL166: JAL166 is going around.

18:56 Tokyo TWR: JAL166 Thank you. Fly heading 030, maintain 4000.
           JAL166: 030(degrees) 4000(ft), JAL166.

19:14 Tokyo TWR: All departure from RWY34R, "AMBIGUOUS" from RWY34R. Stand-by further information.

22:01 Tokyo TWR: All station, Tokyo TWR. Stand-by further instructions, due  to accident.

22:56 ANA627: Tokyo TWR. ANA627.
           Tokyo TWR: ANA627 Go ahead.

           // Japanese Conversation Starts
             ANA627 asks to Tokyo TWR about current situation.
             ATC replies, Detail is unknown, but there's a fire on 34R,  
                                    Expect hold for all departures. delay is unknown.

                                               ✂  SNIP ✂

             Tokyo TWR:  JAL131. Thank you. We see it(fire) too.
           // Japanese Conversation Ends

30:42 Tokyo TWR: All station, Tokyo TWR. Now Tokyo International airport Hane... Airport is closed. airport is closed.

  This is a PART OF CONVERSATION from 0830Z on January 2nd 2024 at RJTT TWR/TCA.

 On JAN 3rd 2024 7pm added:
  Ministry of Transport disclosed all conversation.

  ・Controller did not allow JA722A to enter the runway also did not cleared for take off too.
  ・But the captain of JA722A insisted "We were cleared for take off".

  One simple misunderstanding caused tragedy.
  Japan releases transcripts of fatal aircraft collision(Shore news)

   Tragedy starts from 15:13.
   There are two points:

   15:13 "No.1" could be one of the reason that JCG's crew misunderstood their sequence.
   Even Haneda is busy, It's too short.

   "No.1,  After Japan air A359 landing" or something more information should be added.

   And controller MUST watch runway. also they MUST warn anything that could cause an accident. Numbering is terrible. It's your fault. 
   You should learn more English.  We often can't understand what you want to say.

    15:58 Controller told to JAL166 "No.2". "We have departure".
    JA722A crews might misunderstood "There's no traffic in front of us."
    Cause we were ordered as "No.1".
    This could be a "Easy to Recognize" order.
       No.1 JAL516
       No.2 JA722A
       No.3 JAL166

       ATC: Your order is ambiguous.
            Also, watch runway, and say "JA516 Go Around".

747-400 Goes Around on Very Short Final! (Miami)
In this case, everybody recognize their position. Even radio is inaudible, they can avoid collision. Miami is busier than Tokyo. JA722A: Why did you enter the runway? JAL516: Why you didn't go around? R.I.P. to all victims.