TechInfo: Google Mapsからメール「Important: Your API keys are unprotected」

自分の利用している地図アプリケーションに「Google Maps」のレイヤーを適用して数ヶ月、以下のようなメールが届きました。

From: Google Maps Platform <>

Title: Important: Your API keys are unprotected

Protect your API keys with recommended restrictions
Some of your Google Maps Platform projects have unrestricted API keys, which can be stolen and lead to unwanted charges.
To keep your API keys safe, we strongly recommend you secure them by limiting each key’s usage to specific apps and websites.
Click the project links below to access the Credentials section of Google Maps Platform console and click “APPLY RECOMMENDED RESTRICTIONS” for each unrestricted key. Restricting your keys shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.
Your projects with unrestricted keys


You can always change the restrictions later if you need to.
Learn more about API key best practices.
Google Maps Platform Support

要約すると「GoogleMap APIの不正利用を防止するため」に「推奨する制限」を適用してください。ということです。




GoogleMaps APIの利用に関しては情報が少ないので、お役に立てれば幸いです。


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